Magic is everywhere this season theres a feeling in the air that I always love about this time of year. Regardless of obligations this is a time to slow down reflect and recharge. . With solstice energy coming in this is a time to cleanse & renew . Allowing ourselves this special time to reflect creates an opening . For me its been a time to literally slow down as Im recovering from a sinus issue out of nowhere . I took this as a sign to step back and detach . Detachment can create profound clarity if we allow ourselves to slow down and witness the miracles unfolding . Its in that sacred container of calm stillness . We reflect and recharge . Feeling cozy and snuggly ready for hot chocolate and warm teas- felt like posting something pretty . What are you doing to nurture you this holiday season? Share with me below . #selfcare #reflectandrecharge #allow #soulnourishment #holidayspirit #awakeningtips #solisticevibes

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